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Call me Sturm, everybody else does.

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  • I see this background pony pop up a lot in the show but I don’t really think the community has taken much notice of her, and I doubt anyone has come up with a name yet.

    So I’m going to call her Candyass, on account of her butt-mark being candy, get it?

    And look, she’s already got a coltfriend to ship her with!

     Anyone got an idea on what to name him?

    1. triskelli answered: Lucky Clover? Charmed Green?
    2. slendersam2 answered: seriously?
    3. phantompen answered: Wait, isn’t that bon-bon who has been shipped with the Lyra for quite sometime?
    4. zarggg answered: I legit screamed obscenities about you when I read this post. :-(
    5. azuresprinkle answered: her name is bonbon. she is a well recognized pony. and friendss with lyra
    6. ask-my-little-mafia answered: not shure is trolling or serious
    7. gammanime answered: luckyB
    8. babysealburritos answered: Mah OTP! That’s Lucky Butt.
    9. pegasus-cloud-kicker answered: I prefer Bon-Butt. She does look kind of fancy.
    10. skaphel answered: Isn’t that… Bon bon ?… She has an article with that name on the Wiki
    11. soniaurl-old answered: leafrump.
    12. c-d-e reblogged this from sturmtruppen and added:
      Nothing on the mlp wikia pony list page? I say her name is Shorty Sweets.
    13. actualgaren answered: HE MEANS FUCKING BON BON. and that is lucky. but bon bon is in lesbians with lyra.
    14. greyrush answered: lets wait for the idiots to jump on board, this’ll be fun
    15. askfuzzumz answered: Bitch i cut choo, dats my sweet ass bitch.
    16. spookyewe answered: you’re so cute, look at you being cute, Sturm. You cute little pony.
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