Tornado Bolt Presents Hyenacon 2013
Call me Sturm, everybody else does.

This is mostly a combination personal and general fandom pictures blog, and most of that is things with guns.

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They/Them/Their pronouns please.
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  • I like this little horse too. She and her sister there are so cute!

    This is another one I guess the community just missed, but that’s fine by me since I get to name her!

    How do you guys feel about ‘Harpy’? I think it fits really well.

     And look, she’s got a unicorn friend. Maybe they’re dating! That’d be so neat.

    1. twilightsparklesharem said: Sturm. Stop killing me, Strum. I’m being dead. Stop deading me.
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      Dude no. Lyra + Bon-Bon (the pony on the OTHER side, conveniently cropped out :U)
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