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Call me Sturm, everybody else does.

This is mostly a combination personal and general fandom pictures blog, and most of that is things with guns.

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  • lydiaof15 asked : OMIGAD A PONY!! GIMME A HURGGGGG <3

    Sturm, startled by the appearance of the strange… Something, in front of him takes a few steps back, his wings curling up warily at his side.

    "Uh… Alright?" he half-stutters, confused by how utterly chipper the creature seemed to be but disinclined to turn down a chance to give someone an adorable pony hug.

    Breathing heavily through his mask’s filters he wraps his hooves around the fur-less biped, nuzzling them instinctively.

    "That doin’ anything for you?" he asks, a bit of his less-scared-shitless attitude returning.

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