Tornado Bolt Presents Hyenacon 2013
Call me Sturm, everybody else does.

This is mostly a combination personal and general fandom pictures blog, and most of that is things with guns.

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  • when i first got rid of the longer mohawk (before going back to a much shorter one) i experimented around with different haircuts and i don’t really remember it but apparently i’d thought this was a good look for me

    what the hell

    1. tinaroars said: Cutie.
    3. totallynotagentphilcoulson said: actually sturm that’s not really a bad haircut on you. I mean it doesn’t FEEL like a sturm haircut but it’s not aesthetically a bad one
    4. celestiawept2 said: chris redfield
    5. irl-rarity said: A cutie patootie
    6. nui-is-love said: Never again
    7. arfwoofbark said: beautiful
    8. skooth said: dang you could rock whatever the hell you want if u ask me
    9. that-darn-hyena said: You took my hair V:
    10. sturmtruppen posted this